How Do I Know If I Really Need Help?

If you're like most people, you have your hands full just keeping up with what's on your plate today.  Moving in a new direction or accomplishing anything "new" in addition to your current workload can be challenging.  It's hard enough to know (with certainty) what you want or need to do, let alone develop a plan and get it done.  It's even more complicated when other people are involved.

One Way To Go

You can always sit and stare at all the data you can find for an hour or two.  Maybe a reasonable plan  to get it done will present itself.  (Probably not.)  

Most big, new, or important initiatives require a little more structured discussion and effort to develop a solid plan.  And then there's the issue of lining up support to get it done.

That said, sometimes it's hard to know if you really need help, or if you can safely go it alone.


A Better Way - Take This Assessment

Here's what I suggest.  Ask yourself these questions.  Trust your instincts and be honest with yourself as you answer them.  Then check in below for the verdict.  Simple.

1.  Do you know exactly what you want to achieve?

2.  Is what you want realistic and "do-able"?

3.  Do you have a plan?  Are other people on board?

4.  Are you confident you'll achieve the results you need?

5.  Do you know which steps to take and when?

6.  Do you have the right support to help you succeed?

The Verdict

If your answer is "YES" to most or all of these questions, you probably don't need help (beyond maybe a little validation that you're on the right track.)  If your answer is "NO" or you're unsure when it comes to these questions, you may benefit from some help.  

If you do need help, I'd welcome the opportunity to explore whether I'm the right person to provide it.  Reach out today. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by having a conversation about whether I'm the right trusted advisor to support your success.

You can always check out the testimonials posted on the site to see what other people have to say about my ability to help.  I hope you'll feel compelled to reach out to learn more.