Over the course of my career, I've been lucky to work with incredibly talented coaches.  They helped me find perspective, develop my skills, improve my working relationships, rediscover joy in my work, and get better results.  Now all these years later, it's my turn to help others.  


Imagine you're in a job that you love.  


      You're performing well.  You're doing 

      work that matters.  You're satisfied.  


                         Is that what you have today?  


If you're like most people, you want to be successful and satisfied at work.  You want to enjoy your work and meet or exceed expectations.  


Sometimes you just need a little help to get in the zone.  My role is to help you do just that.



Discovery.                 Direction.                      Inspired Action.                    Progress.                 Positive Change.


Every person I work with has unique priorities, timelines, and goals.  I look forward to hearing about what's on your mind and how I might be able to support you.  Take a look at the areas where I can offer you the most value as a coach and let's talk today about how I can help.


Business Performance Coaching


When you want to get back in the zone at work.


Sometimes you just need a little support to find your way back to your best performance, success, and satisfaction at work.

I'll learn about your work and your co-workers, understanding your perspective on the good, the bad, and the ugly.  We'll evaluate your interests, strengths, and opportunities for improvement.  I'll help you identify and solve problems, challenge your thinking, and prevent you from getting stuck in situations that don't serve you well.  I'll share knowledge and practical skills such as relationship-building, conflict resolution, negotiation, problem solving, managing sensitive or political situations, and recovering from mistakes.


If you're in a leadership position, or hoping to get in one over time, I'll share guidance about successfully navigating the world of leading others - all the while managing "up" in the organization.  We'll focus on executive alignment, strategy, delivering results, and your professional presentation and development as a leader.



Career coaching

When you’re ready to pursue a new opportunity


It's easier than you think to find and get a job that's perfect for you. Be more successful... and more satisfied.  


Career coaching always starts with a "Sweet Spot" profile to match your interests to your skills and strengths. We'll profile your ideal job, including role, responsibility, culture, career path, and compensation.  I'll help you develop your personal brand to highlight what makes you special and in demand. 


We'll package your competencies in a professional, modern resume, create or update your online presence, and develop your messaging and outreach strategy.  I'll prepare you for your interviews with the "five essential questions."  We'll find real opportunities, negotiate offers, and celebrate your success.


I look forward to hearing about your priorities, opportunities, and challenges. Whether we work together to solve one particular problem - or we work together on an ongoing basis, I'm confident you'll feel more supported, successful, and satisfied at work.  Let's talk.