My Background


My Background

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I'm Lisa Lai, a business strategist, consultant, and coach who runs my own consulting practice.  I help companies and individuals achieve success when they have big, new, or important opportunities in the business world. Most of my clients have significant goals to achieve, and more than a few challenges to address. 

Clients come to me for a fresh perspective - to ensure they're doing the right things, in the right ways, to achieve the right results.  

We partner to validate strategies, develop implementation plans, address challenges, and mitigate weaknesses. We focus on leadership, communication, and alignment. Our goal is always to accelerate progress and achieve real and lasting results.

My Background

I started my career over twenty-five years ago as an analyst.  Since then, I've consulted with some of the world's most respected companies.  

I've held executive positions in two Fortune 500 companies.  I've had the pleasure of leading multiple start-ups, one of which enjoyed a multi-billion dollar public offering.  My consulting practice is designed specifically to leverage the diversity of my experience in the business world.

As part of my consulting practice, I also work for Harvard Business School, facilitating corporate leadership development programs for their Fortune-ranked clients around the world.  Our programs help business leaders further develop their competencies in the areas of innovation, strategy, and execution. 

Read what others have to say about how I've helped them succeed by clicking here... or scroll down for more insight to determine if I'm the right person to support your success.


The Right Person?

The Right Person?

Am I the right person to help you?

When you're selecting a coach or consultant, the most important thing is finding someone who understands the challenges you're facing.  You want someone who gets you, has been in your situation before, and knows how to help you.   Bottom Line:  You want someone who will positively impact your success.

I like to think there are three factors that set me apart from the rest.  These factors may or may not make me the right person to help you succeed, but the insight might help you make that decision.


Three factors set me apart.


I’ve done the work.  

I've got a wealth of experience, from start-up to Fortune-ranked companies.  I've launched successful products in both emerging and existing markets under intense competition.  I've led double digit revenue growth, tripled margin contributions, and managed $250M+ P&Ls.  I've done the work - hands on - and I understand the challenges.  

I've helped 100's of others be successful.  

I represent Harvard Business School in worldwide leadership development programs focused on innovation, strategy, and execution.  I’ve personally coached 100’s of people, many of whom have achieved extraordinary results.  I've published dozens of articles on how to find success in the workplace, with readers in over 75 countries around the world.  Helping people navigate the complexities of the business world isn't a hobby for me.

I’ve learned from the best. 

Beyond my work with Harvard, I've worked with and learned from amazing and inspiring executives and innovators throughout my career:

                     - Patent Holder for the Intel Chip technology

                     - Founder and President of MTV

                     - Woman Of The Year in the telecom industry

                     - Founder of the first Internet cable modem business

                     - One of the early pioneers in Instant Messaging

                     - NY Times best-selling authors

                     - Multiple successful millionaires

                     - Multiple members of MENSA (98th% of IQ ratings) 

Let's talk about how I can help.

I’ve been inspired by so many people.  I've also been lucky to have the opportunity to work with some of the best of the best across multiple industries.  It’s my goal to pay-it-forward, share what I know, and help others find success and satisfaction in their work.  

If you're ready to move more quickly toward your goals - the new, big, and important things on your plate - reach out to talk today.   You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by having a conversation about how I  can help you reach the next level of achievement. 


Get More Insight

Get More Insight

Want more insight about me?

The best way to learn learn more about me is to read what others have to say via the testimonials posted on the site.  I can talk until I'm blue in the face, but don't take my word for it.  See what others have to say by clicking the button below.


"What is extraordinary about Lisa is the breadth of her excellence. It's not just that she can understand complex problems, sort through possible solutions, evaluate impacts both up and down the organization, and rally people to a common solution. And it's not just that she can do all that with amazing speed and efficiency.  

What sets Lisa apart is that she is capable of coaching and mentoring others to perform at this level of excellence. She helps people and organizations play to their strengths while working to eliminate areas of weakness. It is her rare combination of business acumen and emotional intelligence that allows her to transform entire organizations."

Executive Director,  Fortune 14 Company

Lisa Lai, Author of the Soul For Breakfast column.

Lisa Lai, Author of the Soul For Breakfast column.

          (Eat an apple instead.)

The business world is fantastic. It's also challenging. Over the course of your career, you'll face ethical, cultural, political, and personal dilemmas in the workplace.
You'll work with difficult people. You'll find yourself in compromising situations. You'll have to balance who you are as an individual with what your employer asks of you.
Can you stay true to who you are without sacrificing your success? 
Absolutely YES.
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