Consulting Support


Consulting Support

Chances are... you're under pressure to perform.

If you're like most corporate leaders, you're under tremendous pressure to perform.  

Starting new initiatives, planning for growth, and looking for financial gain...

all while running the day-to-day business.  It's a lot to do, and do well.  

I know.  Because I've been there. 

The pressure is increasing.



- Budgets are tight.

- Resources are limited.

- Plans are aggressive.


- Expectations are high.

- Stress is on the rise.

- Relationships are taxed.

Your clients want more.   Your Board wants more.  Your team wants more.  

The pressure is continuous and gaining ground for nearly every corporate leader I know.  

So what do you do?


Fresh Perspective

Fresh Perspective

Should you consider a fresh perspective?

You were selected for your role because you’re talented and capable of delivering great results for your business. (Theoretically speaking, anyway.)  With any luck, you have a skilled and competent team around you too.  That doesn’t mean you won’t need help at times. 

Sometimes an outside perspective brings new clarity and the ability to break through barriers you don't even know you have.  

There are three circumstances that, in my opinion, warrant bringing in a trusted advisor.

1.  Your success is at risk. 

You’re not sure you’ll achieve target results.  You have a lot to get done and you're not feeling confident you'll hit your targets.  Your performance, your bonus, and your long-term prospects may be in jeopardy.  You need a better plan to focus your efforts and de-risk your results.

2.  Your support is in question. 

You don't seem to be on the same page as key stakeholders (clients, investors, the Board, your boss, or your team).  For some reason, others aren't getting behind your vision or plan.  Your support may be waning. You need stronger alignment to lead with authority and deliver results.

3.  Your team needs to raise the stakes.  

You want more from your team than they’re currently prepared to deliver.  They may be telling you they're on track, but you're not confident of their accountability.  You need targeted talent development, a few cultural shifts, and/or some new operational diligence to perform at a higher level.

If you find yourself in any of these circumstances - or you're just feeling an intense pressure to perform without confidence you can deliver - consider bringing in a trusted advisor to support your success.

Here's how I can help.


Consulting Services

Consulting Services


The value of business consulting.

My work as a trusted advisor has only one purpose:  to support the best possible performance by you, your team, and your business.  In almost every case, my work is driven by a client's need to do something big, new, or important.  And it usually has to do with pursuing revenue growth or enhancing profitability.

My role starts with helping you identify what's most important to your success.  We'll sort out the noise,  develop a plan, engage the right stakeholders, and prepare the organization to take inspired action.  

The role I play varies based on the needs of each organization, but generally falls into one of these four categories.

  • Provide fresh perspective to a well-performing team to accelerate results.

  • Bring distinct skills that are lacking, working as a complimentary resource.  

  • Gain traction on activities your team just can't get to given other priorities.

  • Develop talent in preparation for growth, change, or new expectations.

The sweet spots for us to partner.

Every organization is unique in terms of needs, priorities, timelines, and target results.  Below are some consulting approaches that can serve as a starting point in our discussion about how I can support you.


Situational Assessment

When you're not sure exactly where you stand.

Sometimes you need perspective on your strategy relative to your current situation.

We start by clarifying your strategic direction, and then identifying gaps in understanding or alignment across the organization. We evaluate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.  A gap analysis identifies exposures for the business.  Data modeling confirms the feasibility of your plans from a financial standpoint. And finally, an organizational readiness review evaluates your ability to meet current and future commitments as you grow or evolve the business. This is all about gaining total clarity on your readiness to succeed.

Strategic Planning

When you need confidence that you'll achieve your target results.

Confidence in your ability to deliver comes from having a comprehensive plan.

Strategic planning has likely been done to some extent in your organization.  We generally focus on ensuring the current strategy is complete, reasonable to achieve, understood, and coordinated.  What matters most is the jumping off point, to ensure resource needs are understood and limitations or points of exposure are addressed.  Roadmaps may be documented along with key milestones, dependencies, risks, and mitigations. The final step is a detailed implementation plan, with built in progress and success tracking.

Alignment and Messaging

When you want to get everyone on the same page.

Communicating with clarity fuels success in any organization.

Alignment is all about one consistent message, tailored to any number of distinct audiences. We can develop or update your vision, mission, charter and strategy.  That's what tells the world who you are, what you do, what you stand for, and what they can expect from you.  Branding, positioning, and key messaging can be reviewed.  We can create and update presentations, speeches, documents and websites.  Also included is coaching for other members of the team to deliver the message effectively.

Organizational Planning & Talent

When you need current and future leaders to be ready.

Every business has evolving organizational needs.  

Leadership development programs are great, but they have limitations.  What's needed in addition - is an evaluation of each individual's skills and competencies relative to current and future business needs.  If you don't have the right talent, or the right team dynamic, you may not achieve results even with "top tier" talent.  We develop alternative organizational models, structures, and growth plans.  We identify crucial talent gaps, optimal staff assignments, and outline specific individual development opportunities to maximize results.  Active coaching is also provided to cultivate existing or emerging talent.

I look forward to the opportunity to learn about your organization and the big, new, and important priorities you're looking to pursue.  If you need help in any of the areas outlined here, I'm confident I can help.  If you're looking for an Executive Coach to support you directly in assuring the overall success of your business, I can help you there too. 

Let's talk about how I can support your success.