Support and Guidance


Support and Guidance

Running your own business is amazing.

Starting and growing a new business is exciting and a bit overwhelming.

Whether you're moving from "idea" to real, or you're preparing for rapid growth,

a little support and advice can go a long way to assure your success.

It can be a little crazy.



- You have a lot of ideas.

- You're unsure what to prioritize.

- You're swimming in options.


- Your resources are tight.

- You're under pressure.

- You need success... soon.

You need to make decisions.  You want to get the word out.  You need guidance and support.

It's a lot of pressure to try and handle on your own or with your friends and family.

How can you move faster?


Fresh Perspective

Fresh Perspective

Should you go it alone or get help?

It's not uncommon for start-up leaders or small business owners to feel like they have to "go it alone" - push through and break through without any help.  It's entirely possible for you to do it all alone, but you don't have to. 

Sometimes working with an advisor with a fresh perspective can jump start your progress.  You can break through barriers you didn't even know you had.  You can get to the rewards of your business with a little less risk and a lot more support.  

Consider bringing in help if:

1.  You're not where you want to be.

Sometimes in business you just get stuck. You're not failing, but you're not succeeding the way you want to be. You need to either get going, turn a corner to start seeing progress in one or multiple parts of the business, or move on.

2.  You have new (or growing) challenges.

You can't always see challenges coming and you can't always knock them down easily.  Even seemingly "small" challenges can become overwhelming when you've got so much going on.  You may need a little help.  Particularly in rallying the right support from family members, employees, or partners.

3.  You have a new opportunity.

One of the most exciting things in business is to have a new idea, or an opportunity that pops up out of nowhere.  That doesn't mean you know how to chase it and make the most of it.  You may need guidance.

If you find yourself in any of these circumstances - or you're just feeling an intense pressure to make some important decisions or achieve results quickly - consider bringing in someone to provide support and guidance.  You'd be surprised how even a few hours of planning together can impact your progress.

Here's how I can help.


Making The Call

Making The Call


Am I the right person to help you?

I've worked with small businesses in many capacities.  I've helped businesses grow and thrive.  I've sadly also had to shut them down.  I've supported multi-million dollar acquisitions, and been involved in a multi-billion dollar IPO of what started as a very small business.

I know what it takes to get from where you are today to where you want to be.  If specific or unique expertise is needed, I have a network of resources to tap into on your behalf.   We can assess the state of your business and your market opportunity.   We can evaluate your competition and develop positioning that sets you apart.   We can review your operations and talk about areas for improvement or scale as you grow the business over time.  We can also look at the level of support you need to be successful and identify gaps and exposures that require attention.  

Sometimes all it takes is a discussion to help you sort out what you already know to be true about the right next steps.


"Lisa understands the power and potential of an idea's most important asset: the people in and around the idea. 

As I was moving my idea from raw to real, Lisa was an invaluable collaborator, reality check, implementer, strategist, and energy source in rallying the talent to make it happen."

Jason Barney, 

Founder and CTO, Start-Up


I can talk about my ability to help you and your growing business until I'm blue in the face.  What really matters... is what other people have to say.  I'll let them speak on my behalf.  Take a look at testimonials from others by clicking on the link below.  I hope you'll feel encouraged to reach out and learn more.

One more thought - on cost.

Spending money when you're running a small business is always a little stressful.  That's especially true when you're spending what feels like non-essential money.  Here are a couple of things to think about. 

If you're not seeing the kind of success you know you're capable of seeing in the business, what's holding you back? I can help you figure it out and work with you to overcome any limitations you're facing.

How much is it worth to feel confident in your direction, be inspired by your plan, and start to see progress in your business?  The investment is far less than you'd expect and the pay-off could be game-changing. 

Let's explore how I can help.