What others have to say.


Choosing a partner to help you achieve your goals is exciting, but a little stressful.

People can tell you all kinds of stories about their capabilities, but you never really know what to expect until you see feedback from others.

Thanks for taking the time to read what others have to say about working with me.  

I hope you'll feel inspired to reach out and explore how I can support your success too.

                                                                    -  Lisa Lai

"You've been an unwavering force for good."  - ML

"Lisa is supremely bright, keenly intuitive, firmly grounded in theory and brimming with common sense solutions.  Her approach is dynamic, courageous and practical.  She drives value and fosters excellence.  She is a truly exceptional coach, consultant, and trusted advisor.  I fully endorse and recommend her. "

- Michael Noone, CEO, Energy Industry 

"Lisa has a rare and unique talent that can take a complex and systemic vision, make it better, and then execute on it.  Lisa is a proven executive in marketing, product, customer experience, and operations and has time and time again produced sustainable, extraordinary outcomes for companies of all sizes."

- Mark Teflian, SVP Fortune Global #2 Telecom

"Lisa is remarkably effective at what she does.  She delivers dynamic value and results that speak more loudly than my words can say.  She is an extraordinary leader, coach for leadership, brilliant business strategist, and a very compassionate human being!  I am truly grateful to have her on my team as a trusted advisor."

- Shawn Davison, CEO Software Development Company

"Lisa has the uncanny ability to put vision into action…better than any leader I have worked with in my career.  She excels in integrating the needs of customers, employees, and the business, while making improvements that really advance from problem solving to transformation." 

- Andrea Robbins, HR Executive Partner, Fortune 14 Company


"Is it too much to say that you're incredible? 

I'm not sure I have the words to express how much I value your guidance and support.  You were all-in, from day one.  I felt complete relief to have your support.  You helped me clarify my goals, develop a great plan, and make almost immediate progress.  

I didn't really know that I needed a coach, but I'm so glad I found you. Your direction, support and encouragement  - just incredible.  You were with me every step of the way.  I could not have done this without you.

Thank you for being you. You are remarkable."

- Dan Darfler  SVP Sales, Financial Services 


"What is extraordinary about Lisa is the breadth of her excellence.  It's not just that she can understand complex problems, sort through possible solutions, evaluate impacts both up and down the organization, and rally people to a common solution.  And it's not just that she can do all that with amazing speed and efficiency. 

What sets Lisa apart is that she is capable of coaching and mentoring others to perform at this level of excellence.  She helps people and organizations play to their strengths while working to eliminate areas of weakness.  It is her rare combination of business acumen and emotional intelligence that allows her to transform entire organizations."

- David Denton,  Executive Director Performance and Analytics, Fortune Top 20 Company

"After interviewing many business strategists and consultants, I knew right away that Lisa was the one I could trust to deliver.  She showed her passion immediately, taking the time to connect personally to me and my business.  Lisa is an incredible business coach and strategist.  She listened to my story, learned by business, and helped me evolve it into a global successful brand in under a year.  From formulating and organizing the vision to managing the strategy and execution, Lisa has consistently delivered top level results and created a lasting partnership." 

- Mike Karpenko, CEO Fitnique and Creator of TapouT XT Fitness Program



"Lisa understands the power and potential of an idea's most important asset:

the people in and around the idea. 

As I was moving my idea from raw to real, Lisa was an invaluable friend, collaborator, reality check, implementer, strategist, and energy source in rallying the talent to make it happen."

- Jason Barney

  Founder and CTO, Start-Up 

"Lisa took on an executive consulting assignment for me that entailed managing our working relationship with a key strategic partner. The assignment was challenging because our agenda and the partner's agenda were somewhat at odds.  Lisa was able to deftly maintain the appropriate balance.  I had complete confidence in her, and she delivered the results I needed.  Lisa seemed to know exactly what I was trying to accomplish, and wow-ed the partner on my behalf."

- Bruce Ravenel, Group President, Fortune 200 Company

"Early in my career as an analyst at Gartner, I needed to convince a large group of C-Level executives that B2B and MFT were the cornerstone of how businesses Late one afternoon Lisa recognized my trepidation, and stressed the importance of being professional but passionate. She showed me how to move the fader on my passion. The presentation was a hit and 10 years later I still hold that moment as the defining point in my career.  Strategy and messaging can be taught... Passion cannot. It must be harnessed. And that's what Lisa continues to do everyday."

- L Frank Kenney, VP Global Strategy, Software Company | Analyst Alumni, Gartner, Inc.

"Lisa is a strategic leader and well-rounded executive who quickly sees the big picture and who also rolls up her sleeves to get things done.  I had the opportunity to work with Lisa in multiple roles within two separate companies.  I found her to be one of the most dynamic, hands-on leaders I have worked with.  Her solid consultative approach and a relationship-building management style enable her to tackle any business challenge presented.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with Lisa again."

- Floyd Turner, VP Solutions Development, Technology Company


"When I think of Lisa, I think of best-in-class.

Her energy touches everyone and everything around her.

She is one of the most thoughtful leaders I have ever worked with. 

She is an extraordinary person."  



"To do you justice would take several pages - thank you for this, thank you for that... etc.   Your sense of humor. Your organizational abilities and operational sensibilities.  Your quick mind.  Your ability to work with just about anyone.  Your "can do" attitude.  This could go on forever. "

- Susan Marshall, SVP, Fortune 200 Company

"Lisa shed light and provided much needed direction, as well as a 'better point of view' within a start-up organization.  Had she arrived earlier, perhaps the end result might have been much different.

I learned much from Ms. Lai and still use her talents and skills sets as a sounding board and voice of reason within my business."

- Mike Mishef, VP Business Development, Start-Up Organization


"Thank you for everything you've done here, but more importantly, thank you for the way you did it."



“Lisa’s passion, energy, and “can do” attitude is a huge source of motivation.  She always gets the work done with a smile. 

Her sense of humor coupled with organization, management and leadership skills inspire many and made many people, like me, a huge fan.  

I always enjoy working with Lisa and hope to get more chances to work with her in future."

- Rohit Khanna,  EVP Strategy, Tech Co


"Lisa helps me choose the best strategies to achieve my goals.  She represents my interests in industry negotiations. She's a great partner for my business and I rely on her to support my success.  

She always delivers.  I trust her.  

She's worth her weight in gold... and more."

- Keston Karter, Actor/Model 



"Lisa helped us build a strategic roadmap for our growth initiative. Considering the demands of current businesses and several new ideas on board, it was overwhelming for the management team without a roadmap.

Her contribution to this exercise has given tremendous value to the organization and channeled us to a roadmap of growth in structured manner.  

- Pankaj Chaturvedi, VP Finance

   $4 Billion Holding Company

"Inspiring.  One of the many things you've been.  Some people pass through the world and leave it just as they found it.  Very few can make a lasting impression on our minds and hearts as you have. 

You are extraordinary."


"You are inspiring.  I truly am thankful and fortunate for the time I had with you. I hope to always have the drive and determination you taught me so well.  You truly motivate me to want to do better.  You are the best mentor I have ever had the privilege to work with.  I will be so much more successful because of having worked with you."



"I truly appreciate the leadership, passion, and dedication you bring to the table each and every day. 

You chased me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to become a better leader.  

I will value and appreciate it for the rest of my career."



"You are truly a class act.  You personify leadership in my book.  I'm selfishly disappointed that I won't be able to learn even more from you.  I'll miss your intelligence, dedication, humor and strength.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to have worked with you."



"The decision to hire you was the best decision the company has ever made.

You turned this company on its ear and did so boldly and without remorse. 

Thank you for all of your hard work and support...

and for making something spectacular out of our group."



"Lisa guided me through the job search process from beginning to end.  I felt much more confident searching for a job that I actually wanted.  

I am incredibly grateful for all Lisa did for me - the job I have now has quite literally changed my life, and her advice certainly helped me get here."  


My decision to hire Lisa to help with my business was one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

She far surpassed my expectations. It was such a pleasure to have her guide me through my personal vision of what I have been trying to capture and create for the past couple of years. 

I now have incredible tools with which to go forward with my dream. I am eternally grateful!"

- Christina Stinchcomb

  Small Business Owner


"Lisa is one of a kind. She's a dynamic leader and an amazing visionary. She can quickly see the goal and how to get there. 

She has a talent for taking the most difficult of challenges and transformations - and getting results. (Not to mention that she makes it look effortless).  

Lisa is able to do this by building relationships and trust in the organizations she works with, which creates buy-in and in turn success. 

She is truly amazing."   


"How many people have the opportunity to find someone who significantly affects their lives in such a positive manner? Someone who lets you come into your own, on your own, believing that you are capable even when you don't even know what your own is. 

Thank you for changing my life."


"The places you go will be better to have you and the ones you leave will suffer a loss that they'll find tough to replace."